Site Team

Game On! Our Team Takes Venue Cleanliness to the Next Level!

Trust our site teams to deliver unmatched cleanliness. With dedication and expertise, we ensure everything runs smoothly, ensuring pristine environments for sports and entertainment. Elevate your venue cleanliness with our winning team!”

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the core of our operations across all venue contracts. We prioritize DEI by fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting equal opportunities. Our services align with DEI principles, respecting cultural sensitivities, prioritizing accessibility, and accommodating diverse needs. Embracing DEI creates a vibrant and welcoming environment for our team members and the communities where our contracts are located.

It all start with the Transition Team

The highly skilled PSEG National Transition Team brings their extensive expertise to the forefront as they commence the service agreement. Led by our National Transitions Director, this team of seasoned professionals excels in managing and setting up cleaning operations for new accounts. Their meticulous evaluation of existing cleaning procedures ensures the facility shines before opening doors. With a dedication to excellence, they customize a comprehensive cleaning schedule, leaving no area untouched and maintaining impeccable standards throughout. The team also handles crucial tasks such as initial setup, recruitment, training, and creating a safe and welcoming environment. A seamless handover to the incoming management team guarantees a successful continuation of the venue’s pristine cleaning operations.


Our site management team is the backbone of our janitorial operations, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient execution. Led by experienced professionals, they possess extensive knowledge in overseeing sports and entertainment venue cleaning. With meticulous planning and strong leadership, they deliver tailored solutions that meet the highest standards. Our team stays updated on the latest cleaning methodologies and technologies, prioritizing efficiency and exceptional results. Effective communication and collaboration are their hallmarks, fostering strong relationships with venue personnel. In addition, they prioritize safety, sustainability, and a welcoming environment.


Our supervisors and team leads are crucial in ensuring daily, event and post-event tasks are completed on time and to the highest standards. They provide clear instructions and training, closely monitor progress, and offer guidance to maintain efficiency. Our supervisors ensure adequate completion of tasks and projects through inspections and quality checks. They promote teamwork and open communication among team members, addressing concerns promptly. With their diligent oversight, you can trust that every task will be completed on schedule and meet your high standards of cleaning excellence.

Cleaning Crew

Our skilled team of daily, event, and post-event cleaners is essential for maintaining impeccable cleanliness at sports and entertainment venues. They ensure a safe and welcoming environment, from routine tasks to swift event cleanup and meticulous post-event restoration. Adhering to strict health and safety procedures and with attention to detail, our team upholds the highest cleanliness standards. Our dedicated cleaners consistently deliver outstanding results for your venue.


Our comprehensive training program plays a pivotal role in maintaining our venue’s cleanliness at the highest level. Our cleaners undergo rigorous training, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skillset for efficient and effective cleaning methodologies. From industry best practices to properly using equipment and chemicals, our training program ensures our team delivers exceptional results. In addition, continuous education keeps our cleaners updated with the latest cleaning techniques and advancements. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our trained team consistently upholds superior cleanliness standards.

Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is vital to our operations, directly impacting the client and fan experience. Therefore, we prioritize exceptional service in all aspects of our work, understanding its significance for the success of our contracts. Our trained team goes beyond cleaning tasks, actively engaging with clients, fans, and visitors where they promptly address their needs and concerns and create a welcoming and accommodating atmosphere. We aim to surpass expectations and leave a long-lasting impression on our team and service by fostering positive interactions and demonstrating professionalism. Customer service and satisfaction are fundamental to our mission, forming the foundation of long-term partnerships.


Our team’s appearance represents our clients, culture, and professionalism at sports and entertainment venues. With clean and professional uniforms, we convey a polished image that leaves a positive impression. Our commitment to maintaining high cleanliness and hygiene standards is evident in our well-groomed appearance. By upholding professionalism, we align with our client’s values and demonstrate our dedication to excellence. Our team’s presentation enhances the overall experience for clients, fans, and visitors, ensuring we reflect our commitment to exceptional service from the first interaction.